The care shown in the vineyard is transferred with the fruit into the winery.  Each vineyard and each clone has the option be kept separate through the winemaking process to enable selection of the finest wines to be finished under the Quest Farm label.

After receival, and once the hand picked fruit has been destemed; the fruit is transferred by gravity to small lot fermenters where they are hand plunged up to four times a day.   Pre and post ferment maceration enable the special characters of the fruit to be fully extracted and gentle press cycle through a basket press enable them to be retained without over extraction of harder tannins. 

After pressing; the wine is transferred to French oak barrels and to undergo Malo Lactic Fermentation.  Once racked the wine is then stored in the barrels in a temperature controlled area, quietly maturing and absorbing the fragrant wood tannins for a year. 

Gentle fining using egg whites prior to bottling enables the wine to soften and develop further.  Bottling can be a vigorous process for a wine that has been treated gently through its life and thus, the Quest Farm wines are held until they are deemed really for release.

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