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  1. Hi there

    My name is Troy Janson, I am an events manager working with a small community group and looking for a venue in the Cromwell/Bannockburn area and wondering if you have land available for hire? Currently I am looking to host a small scale sound event capped at 300 people, though we are likely to get less we are however looking to build relations and report with locals in the community for future events and expansion into the area.

    Our group are a dedicated professionals looking to increase avenues of income through tourism by providing the seasonal fruit pickers and tourists with a unique audio event featuring some of New Zealand’s best underground DJ talent from Dunedin to Christchurch and everywhere in between.

    Our requirements are quiet simple as we just need power access but can use a generator if needed, toilets which can be hired if needed and a good spot of land with a nice view, our setup is minimal and self contained otherwise. We take care of waste disposal and all factors with a leave no trace policy.

    If you are interested at all or could help out by pointing us in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

    Troy Janson

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